Monday, August 14, 2006

Sex and (Non) Monogamy

One of the things I find the most trying to my finite patience, is finding someone to have a discreet and mutually satisfying sexual experience with. No wait. Let me be more specific. This "someone" is a man, NOT cheating on his partner.

What is it about society that forces us to embrace marriage and monogamy....frown upon, but accept marital infidelity....but positively shudder at the thought of a consentual, mutual choice to be non-monogamous?

My husband and I have made an informed decision. We has discussed the possibilities and weighed our options. We both feel strongly that we each be allowed to pursue our freedom in all aspects of our lives--including sex with other people.

Why do others feel so marvelously threatened by the fact that my husband and I enjoy being with other people and encourage each other to do so?

How come it is so difficult for monogamous couples to admit they'd like to have sex outside of marriage? It seems as though such an admission is like a confession of guilt and failure. Quite frankly, I found it very liberating.

Why is it that so many married women feel that my marriage is inferior to theirs because I choice to be non-monogamous? Interestingly enough, many feel they must surely love their husbands far MORE because they refuse to allow their partner freedom in all areas....

Why is possessing someone more desirable than setting them free?

It's quite easy to separate sex and golf, sex and reading, sex and painting. Why is it so difficult to separate sex and love? Sex is merely another activity to do with oneself, a partner......or many partners. Sex can have as much meaning and emotion attached to it as you choose to assign it.

These thoughts and social ideals continue to fascinate me as I continue on my wicked journey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should check out this book. Its called the Ethical slut and goes over exactly what you describe in this blog.

12:51 p.m.  

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