Monday, February 22, 2010

quiet bliss

Let me lay down at your feet

Floating in an aural rapture

Awakening slowly and breaking into pieces

That quietly drift away on the silent wings of butterflies

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a process

**I'm not sure if this is complete, it seems scattered still...I'm working through it in my mind, putting it into some semblance of order

in crisp white cotton panties

it begins
with you on your knees
my hair falls across your face
as I lean forward
no no no

not yet
as you try to force it
too soon
I can't
I can't let it go

your fingers insistent
your forehead presses hard into my weakest place

I do want this
yet I resist

I can't

I'm too....awake
I need to be you

you change tactics
this will happen

violent penetration in your hall
it aches
nearly painful
white panties pulled to one side
as you fuck my cunt

it weakens me
you know this

you move me

ensconced in white porcelain and tile


and then the water runs
but doesn't touch me
I only hear it

other parts
that have worked in the past
to detach me from myself
it's blurred now
what happened first
what next
I don't know

taking you deep and whole
you're rough today
your hands
your thrusts
this breaks me too
surrendering to your lust

too hard
slightly too long
and the push
of wet and heat
pulsing over you
and a gasp
and then again

I hear your pleasure
and I want to do more
go farther
beyond previous boundaries

but there is something you want from me
I don't know why it is
so difficult
to comply

it will happen
my mind fights
do you want to degrade me?
but it's only your way of freeing me
allowing me permission to be
and honest

and in my darkness
of mind works
and I am free

your pleasure
intensifies my own

and yet more whole now than
when I was

Monday, December 15, 2008

this endless waiting.....

miss you

i miss your mouth
i miss your scent
i miss your cock
my skin aches
i want to feel you penetrate me
grab my hair
take me

you don't need to be gentle
you know how i like it

force me to soak the sheets
again and again
i'll breathlessly beg you to stop
while pressing your hand, harder into me

i love how you make me suffer.....

fuck me
for hours
break me
please, Sir
until i collapse in the puddle we've made on the bed

Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's never enough

when i'm tired and broken
it's never enough
i want you more

Saturday, October 04, 2008

broken and aching, trying to gather my thoughts

it may not have gone as deep as you planned
but never doubt you took me there
through the blinding darkness
restricted and bound
unable to fully grasp my surroundings
encompassed by sensation
and the knowledge of your presence
....a constant

you broke me
as I requested
and mind
....more than once

and laying curled up in the dark
tender and aching
muscles reliving the memory
of rope
the sting of your hand
of being opened
by you
and opening to you
that part was my gift
....showing you more, this time

I know that when you lead me to that place
you allow me a freedom
that I cannot achieve in the real world
one that I cannot achieve alone

I am grateful for that
for you
for what we share when we're together

and it gives me some small measure of satisfaction
that through our experiences
in different ways
....I can break you too

Monday, September 29, 2008


i need you to fuck me

sitting naked in the dark
furiously stroking my clit
my cunt
twitching and wet
my ass
positively aching
for your cock

hearing your voice
hushed tones whispering in my ear
describing exquisite wickedness
the things you want to do to me
fucking my mind
pushing me over the edge

hearing you cum
it's like torture
this endless waiting

Sunday, September 28, 2008


we are hungry
savage in our growing lust
i long for you
to feel you violently penetrate me
to close my mind
while i open my body

grab my hair
cover my eyes
overwhelm me sensation

tear my clothes from my quivering flesh
cut them off
mark me with your teeth
with the sting of the crop
the force of your hand

push me
send me to that place
in my mind
the place only you can take me to

force me to feel
in every nerve
to feel you with all my senses
to lose myself while we fuck

make me your whore
watch me surrender

stare at me
with fury burning in your eyes
accept my unquestioning submission

fill me
force me
release me to lick my wounds
and look to you
to beg for more

then take me
use me
again and again