Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a night of debauchery

God I need sex.
I need it like food.

I'm starving.

You take me.
Lay me down.
Rip off my panties.

I inhale sharply as you attack my clit with your tongue.
I want to cum


You are insatiable as you devour me.
Merciless and smiling.
You like to see me squirm and writhe.

You pin my legs down, pin my feet under your chest.
Sensations increase.
I can feel it all building up.
Reaching the crest of this wicked ride.
Awaiting the free fall......


I turn.
I get on my knees.

I want to be penetrated.
I want it rough.

You stab me with your fist.
My cheek rests on the bed.
I thrust myself back
onto your hand.
Filling my aching cavity.

I rub my clit.

I shake my ass in your direction.
You moan.

You stroke your cock.
I hear you.

I can hardly breathe.

And you paint my skin with heat
as you cum all over my cheeks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


how long long for the violent
penetration of you,

inpaled on my cock,
as my rough hands

reach into your mouth
to feel the suck

of your mouth,
of your cunt,

watch as your anus contracts
in eager anticipation

molten, my cum flashes over you-
hungry for the mouth

to devour it.

7:34 p.m.  

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