Monday, December 25, 2006

and I wonder why Santa didn't leave me a present....

I'm like someone lost
in anguish
wandering the desert
desperation for water has created a delirium

I am frantic,
wild for a fuck

the desire is maddening

self satisfaction is futile
why bother?
it creates a greater need unable to be filled...yet

you say you want to throw a fuck into someone

god, how I want that

throw one here

I want to meet you somewhere
anywhere, it doesn't matter
I can come to your door or you to mine
I want you to force me
bend me to your will as we both know you can
your hands grabbing my hair, forcing my head back
assault my mouth with your tongue
tear my clothes from my body
cut them off
throw me down to the floor
render me helpless by impaling me with your cock
be savage
rape me
I'll fight you while I submit to your violence
force my head down
growl your obscenities
I am yours
pierce me with your black ferocity
I want to feel you in the core of my being
I'd sell my soul for a fuck like that


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