Friday, June 22, 2007


I want to feel my flesh burn where your hands touch my skin

Searing me with the heat of violent lust

Passion fuelled by time

My cunt aches


As the memory of your cock torments and teases me

I want your tongue....tracing it's lines on my skin.....cutting my I arch my back to meet your mouth

I am hungry

I have an insatiable need

Desire is too weak to describe the heat and lust burning between my thighs

The thought of your face

Part fury, part lust, part animal....raw and powerful......drawing into the familiar stare as you penetrate me roughly....making me gasp....thrusting into my cunt and my if they were yours alone to use

As always, I submit to your will, your pleasure

I allow you to take me and use me.....your pleasure is mine

How long has it been? Since you fucked me? Raw and hard? Just fucked me?

Although tomorrow looms on this evening's shadows

My body screams to me....telling me your touch is years away


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