Thursday, October 18, 2007


on my hands and knees
at your request
I wait

I ache to be fisted
to feel the hard ball of your hand deep inside my cunt
thrusting and grinding

thinking of it makes me wet
I can feel my clit quiver
the anguish of my desire consumes me

I want your hands on me
in me
penetrating fingers



feeling like my skin may split
but continuing to lunge back against your hand
fucking myself on your fist

reaching between my legs
fingering my tender clit

until I feel like I could cum

I ask you
for your permission
and wait

you acknowledge my need
and I release it
furious tightening
all my energies concentrated in the convulsing of my cunt

squeezing your hand
crushing your bones
crying out in the delicious agony of release


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