Friday, June 29, 2007

swollen and ripe

I have a bruise.

A mark.

The tender tissue is the size and color of the outer skin of an over-ripe plum.

It is swollen but has no ache.

How did I get this?

When I crawled naked into your bed, pressing my cool skin to your warm sleeping form?

When you slapped the inside and outside of my quivering thighs and aching cunt? Teasing me and making me beg to be fucked?

When you firmly gripped my thighs as you positioned me? On my side, top leg bent at the knee and raised, so that my ass was ready and open...waiting for your cock?

All the memories flood back to me as I relive your touch.

As I remember the mark.

As I feel the creation of the bruise.


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