Friday, October 06, 2006

Does this answer your question at all?

I want you to warm me up with long lapping strokes and soft gentle kisses.
When you start, I need you to be gentle with me.
Kiss my lips.
Explore all of my delicate folds with the tip of your tongue.
Do it slowly.
Take your time and let me moan softly to encourage your progress.
I will probably reach down and run my fingers through your hair.
My eyes will be closed.
I'll just breathe.

When your tongue reaches my clit, remember.....start softly and slowly.
I like it gentle, at least to begin with....
I find that I'm more sensitive on the left side than the right, so you might want to keep that in mind as you explore me with your tongue.
I will most likely reach down and spread my lips with my fingers.
I'll want to give you the best access possible to the most sensitive part of my body.
I'll start to move under your mouth.
I'll start to make more noise.
I tend to moan, quite loudly.
I tend to loose myself in the sensation.
I tend to bite my lower lip in anticipation of each fresh wave of sensation.
I'll writhe and I'll moan and you'll know you're on the right track.

Gentle circles, long lapping strokes, little flicks with the tip of your tongue.....

I promise to tell you more when we get there.......

I'm losing myself as I write this.....going that place......imagining you.......the anticipation of pleasure......

I can hardly wait........


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