Monday, September 18, 2006

Indian Summer

Secretly, I hope that someone saw us together

Me, in the sunshine
my hair trailing down my back
blazing red in the light

Half naked
my bare ass pressing into the bark of the fallen log

You, naked and confident as always
comfortable in your skin
your face buried between my legs
devouring my flesh

My hands caress your hair
I lean back
My eyes are closed
gasps and moans escape my lips

I want you to fuck me
right here
out in the open
in the warm September sunshine

Then I am on my knees
on the fallen log
scraping my skin

Your hands are on my hips
pulling me to you as you thrust into me

I'm lost
I forget where I am
I lose all sense of space and time

I live within the sensation of you
of lust

As much as this is a private moment
I secretly hope someone is watching
seeing you move with me
move within me


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were divine..
as always
your hunger entrances me, seduces me
and the scratch that is left on your leg,
only serves to remind me
that when you are hungry,
I have no more control
than smoke tossed to the air...

11:28 p.m.  

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