Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What have you done to me?

After 6 hours fucking you and I still want more.....

You're turning me into an animal

I sucked his cock last night.....ravaged a starving woman having her first morsel of food

Licked his balls....long lapping strokes with my wet tongue

Sucked him


Took him to his breaking point.....

and then I stopped

I grabbed my most powerful vibe

I let him watch me masturbate with this toy

the savage vibration tearing away at the aching soreness of my devastated clit

he stared at me

as I touched myself

gently at first but moving quickly toward a vigorous climax

yes, another.....even after all you put me through there was

what did you do to me?

how did you get me so wound up?

I could feel it.....building....pressure

and a strong release.....

I came, not hard, but hard enough for him to see it

to watch it pour out of me

you did did that to me

the sheets were wet again because of you


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