Friday, March 23, 2007


I want to be fucked

I knock on your door

You're waiting

you let me in...innocently enough

but the second the door is closed.....

you turn me
rip my coat off
grab my hair and force me, face down on the stairs

you bark at me
don't move
and you cut my jeans off of me

I gasp
I feel that twinge of fear

I can feel your intensity
passion rage lust insane intensity

it always frightens me just a bit
and I think that's what you want inspire that uncertainty

you growl
don't move

you cut off my panties

you devour my flesh

I cry out

you're so rough

hands grabbing
mouth tearing
tongue penetrating

so desperate to ravage

pain turns to pleasure

I moan

I thrust back in your direction



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