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Can someone please explain to me why men are so fucked up? (99.9% of the time, I talk to that's why this is addressed to "men" only)

Why is it that bi-sexual women are sexy, and bi-sexual men are disgusting?

Why is it that a man penetrating a woman's ass or a woman penetrating another woman's ass or even a woman penetrating a man's ass is hot, but a man penetrating another man's ass is gross?

Why is there a double standard? It's stupid.

Sex, for me, is about pleasure; it's all about what feels good. I'm not limiting my pleasure to those who have a penis. Attraction is attraction. Period. I'm not limiting my pleasure to just my clit and my cunt. If it feels good, hell, you can fuck my earlobes.

Why are "hetro" men so threatened by bi-sexual men? Grow up.

Are you so grossly insecure about your own masculinity that you can't even entertain the possbility that sex is limitless?

Why do "hetro" men think women who fuck bi-sexual men are deviant?

Why is it such a huge turn-on for an FFM threesome, but an MMF threesome is perverted? Selfish bastards. In a two girl scenario, it's all about what the girls can do to YOU right? Guess what idiot, women have similar fantasies.....fuck yes I want two sets of male hands on me. If I'm with another woman, and we're with a guy.....and we end up touching each other while he watches....that's good? GRRRRRRR

I have had the misfortune to chat with a few of you homo-phobic morons and it pisses me off.

You think that two women eating each other out is fucking hot, but two guys sucking each other's cocks is a horror show.

I'm not suggesting we all "get bi." In fact, I don't give a flying fuck if you're bi or not. Just stop telling me that bi = wrong. I'm not telling you straight = wrong. So keep your fucking issues to yourself. I have morals, they just might not be the same as yours.

You think that I'm some kind of freak because my lover is bi.

And yet, it's cool and sexy that I'm bi-curious.

It's warped.

Open your minds......

Everyone, and I mean every fucking one of us, is curious. Even if it's only for a second. We have ALL thought about what it would be like to fuck or be fucked by someone with the same parts. Even if you've thought about how 'disgusting' it would be, how 'humiliating', how much you'd hate it.....well idiot....hate to break it to ya, but ya thought about it.

For those of you who don't like anal....why ask someone who does like it WHY they like? I mean seriously, WHY ASK THEM? You have already decided that asses are exit only. You have already decided that NO ASS can be scruplulously clean ENOUGH for you to put your dick or your mouth in it or on it. You have already made up your mind that it's not for you.....unless....god might be...oh, I dunno....CURIOUS??? And oh, might I mention.....when you're going down on a woman.....ever notice that spot right below her cunt? Ya, dude, that's ASS...just in case you were wondering.

I'm fucking sick of homophobes and bi-phobes. I'm sick of judgemental closed minded assholes. Get into your little hovel and stay the fuck away from the rest of humanity.

Stop fucking judging me because I like sex. If you want to live in your little missionary position shaped box, go ahead. Just stop trying to cram me into it with you!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is in the genes, love.

millions of years of evolution provide the answer. we are not all one thing or another.

accept it. cherish it. we are ALL different.


12:37 p.m.  
Blogger wicked butterfly said...

Precisely my point....

millions of years of EVOLUTION....


stagnate and you become extinct

So, I will patiently wait for the extinction of assholes.

12:37 p.m.  
Blogger wicked butterfly said...

from bxcapricorn.....

What do you think about the rise of Christian fundamentalism?

Religion in America is Disney World. We're not really serious about it the way the Muslims are. We just want some rituals, we have so many different brands of religion. We like the stories about it and talking about what they say and don't say. It's little stories for children. When in Kansas they try to stop the teaching of evolution, it's like at Disney World. If you are in the Mickey Mouse costume, the rule is that you never take off your mask. You're not supposed to show in public that there is a real guy under the mask. That's religion in America; let the people keep their illusions. Don't show the reality.

Now, because we are adolescent, we like to take things to extremes: extreme sports, extreme everything. Moderation is boring -- eating in moderation? No way. So we apply that to religion, too, religious extremism.

Some of the most startling codes you describe have to do with intimate life in America, subjects like love and sex. Once you got people to talk about some of their earliest memories and emotions about romantic love, you discovered that the American code for that was "false expectation." That's sad, but when I think about how people talk about their love lives in America, it's true that disappointment and disillusionment are very common themes.

The expectation in America is an adolescent expectation. There is a Mr. or a Miss Perfect out there somewhere, and I am going to meet this person and everything in my life is going to be changed and be good. We put so much expectation on the other person. There's infatuation when we discover them and think, "This is it!" It's perfect, fantastic. Then after a few months the love hormone leaves the brain and the reality starts showing up. So we say, "OK, I made a mistake, I chose the wrong person. I better find another one."

In other cultures, expectations are very different. For many centuries, love wasn't even part of the picture. Children would be married off by their parents at a very early age and it was families making close relationships with other families. This notion that everything should be coming from this one person is a very American, impossible dream.

I always say if you want to understand a culture, look at what the people do at 5 o'clock. In England, they drink some kind of hot water with an herb in it: tea time. In Spain, they kill a bull. The Americans have the happy hour, they get drunk. The French have cinq a sept, a very special thing, it's sexual. Men and women, who are married but not to each other, after work they go to a hotel and have sex. It's seen as experiencing pleasure with somebody else. For the French, life is about the refinement of pleasure. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but the cultures do provide very different reference systems. The American disillusionment with love, by the way, explains a little bit why we work so hard.

12:46 p.m.  
Blogger wicked butterfly said...

and a bit more.....not exactly what I was talking about and yet apropos somehow....thanks bxcapricorn..

Because at least you get something out of working hard when maybe you feel like you've gotten nothing but heartache from love?

And because if you are desperately in love with three men and make love 10 times a day -- I'm exaggerating, of course -- you don't have much time to work.

That in itself could start to seem like work after a while! You also say the code for sex in America is "violence," which seemed facile to me at first because we tend to pair sex and violence as dangerous things. But really what you're saying is that people talk about their formative sexual experiences as emotionally wounding and battering, or as contests with winners and losers in which someone takes something from someone else, or as something they have to survive.

There is definitely something that is sad in this picture. This is, again, because there is no refinement, no culture, no teaching and no rituals in the American culture. Other cultures, like the Italian -- Italian men have a strong feminine dimension, which they are comfortable with. When we sell cosmetics in Italy we sell almost more to men than to women. They take care of their skin, their hair, they dress very carefully. They can relate better to women because of this feminine dimension. American men are not supposed to have this feminine dimension because that means they are homosexuals. The guy is supposed to score, to invade, to win, to possess. Italian men don't care so much about that. They want to enjoy the other person and the reciprocity. He is not so much concerned about winning. The game itself is a pleasure. That is why we have the cliché of the Italian lover.

You see something like this with the U.S. border. There is this fear of invasion, which if it happens means that the other one doesn't control his territory anymore and he loses. I found a book written 50 years ago by an American anthropologist who speaks about the battle of the sexes in America. Nothing has changed.

And the French?

The French have a different attitude. It goes back to the 18th century. It's refinement. You're supposed to be in search of the higher level of pleasure, whatever it is. In food, you always want to combine this with a particular wine because the purpose is not to fill up the tank, the way it is in America. In America, we say "Thank you, I'm full." There's no translation in France. It doesn't mean anything. You say it was delicious, talk about how exquisite it was.

In French dinner conversation, you never talk about money. If someone said, "I made a million dollars today," it's pornography. We always speak about sex, what do you do and how do you do that and how interesting. I know this club where they do this, and so on. It's amazing. It's normal conversation. Of course not everybody does it, but what is clear is that no one wants to talk about money. Lingerie is so French because women dress up for dinner and for sex. You turn down the lights, you put music on, have flowers. You have to take your time. Slow food was invented by the French, while Americans invented fast food. And fast sex.

You also say that the American code for overweight is "checking out."

The purpose to be thin is to attract a man to get pregnant. Then you have the baby and want to get skinny again, why? To get pregnant again. So finally you say, "Enough is enough, I am fat and I am going to stay that way. I don't want to get pregnant again." Add to this in America you have a tension between food and sex, which we know has the code of "violence." Women check out, they say they're not available anymore, they don't want to play this game. And if you push into being very obese, then people have to take care of you and you become a baby again.

And you also write that being obese can be a way of checking out of things like an active social life, family life and the intense American competition for success.

Yes, exactly.

Some other codes you describe include the code for female beauty, which you say is "man's salvation."

Men are supposed to transcend who they are when they fall in love. The woman's beauty, which causes this, is supposed to be inside and outside. It's almost like a divine mission, a doorway to the divine, and so there is supposed to be a purity to this beauty. It transforms the man.

It helps them transcend the combative nature of sexuality?

Right, the man surrenders. He gives up and stops trying to score. He leaves the fight. That's the salvation.

So it's not necessarily a sexy kind of beauty?

No, and this is very important, because then you would be manipulating the guy. And if you're manipulating the guy, he's not saved. It has to come from himself. American women are uncomfortable with being too sexy. You have to be sexy, but not too sexy. It is very, very difficult. I joke that if I come back one day as a woman, I don't want to be an American woman. It's too difficult.

In America, seduction is dishonest. In America, we say, "What you see is what you get," whereas in French culture it doesn't matter what you have, it's what you do with it.

It's an art and they're comfortable with that, while American women feel they should be natural.

Absolutely. Beauty is an art. Red is red and blue is blue. It is not the color of the paint that makes the painting. Americans think a woman should be what she is and not have any intentions behind that. In French culture, the only thing that is sexy is the intentions.

12:50 p.m.  
Blogger BxCapricorn said...

Glad to help. All the best.

3:28 p.m.  

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