Wednesday, November 28, 2007


lay back

let me do this

just watch, for now

watch my hair cascade down and cover my breasts

watch me close my eyes with the sheer pleasure of my task

watch my hands caress your chest

and then you can close your eyes and feel....

feel my warm thighs press against your hips
feel my hands grip your cock, guiding it
feel me rock, gently.....

allow me to penetrate myself, with your cock

slowly, undulating
your shaft...the pivotal point

working it with my wet, hot cunt

rocking, back and forth....
on my knees
hips shifting, gently thrusting forward....back and forth
repeating this motion

increasing speed and depth

grab my hips
help me
regulate the rhythm to your pleasure

use me

encourage me with words
yes baby
fuck yourself
fuck yourself on my cock

but please
just let me ride


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