Monday, November 26, 2007

raw and dirty and NOT for the faint of heart

I am a cat in heat
tail twitching
miserable with this ache

in your mind you can see me
lying down, exposing my ass
swishing my legs
staring at you

I can feel it
deep in my cunt
a pounding, suffering greed
requiring a fuck
it needs to be you

can you feel it?
when you talk to me on the phone?
when you read this?
then you'll feel it too
in the pulse of your swelling cock
you'll feel it

raw and primal lust

this itch I have
having been deprived of your cock
is my weakness
it permeates my thoughts right now
your rough hands
your swift movements
growling with lust
there is never any question about what you want
about how you want it

You mold me into positions of wickedness and satisfaction

I love how intense you are when you fuck me
how intense we are when we fuck

fuck me until I cry
and then fuck me harder

at this moment
in my mind
my flesh
I simply cannot get enough of you....


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