Tuesday, October 24, 2006

wandering thoughts after a lust-filled encounter

How is it that the lust and desire grows?
We seem to crave one another more with every meeting.
After literally hours, breathing heavy, exhausted, grinning....we know we've satisified one another and at the same time feel desperate for more.

I can't begin to tell you how you make me feel.
You wake up my senses, my every nerve is alive and longing for your touch.
Soft and gentle, the sting of your palm, the crack of leather.....
....perhaps that soft rope you showed me?

As I revel in every sensation and try to anticipate where your unlimited imagination will take us, to what new level of pleasure, I wonder what marks you're leaving on me to find later.
Secret messages, written in a sexual code that only you and I can decipher.

How do you know just what to do?
How do you know just how to touch me?
How do you know just how far to push me?
How do you know just when you should stop?

You take me to the very edge of my comfort level, and then beyond it....
And your concern for me....after.....it touches me.

How did you find me?
Why did it take you so long.......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my sweet...
if I could only write every word
of our sharing,
in a bruise
in a kiss, or
the soft broken veins of our passion;
I could never write that poem
for my hands are weak surgoens,
that fumble for a message
layed out across your body years ago,
by some unknown enchanted poet...

9:47 p.m.  

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