Monday, December 03, 2007

quick and dirty

last night
this morning

my lips are swollen and wet
my clit aches
the orgasms have come quickly
hard and powerful

but is that any surprise really?
after the tension of our weekend?
I've been simply dying for a hard, screaming release

it was like a movie for me
the emergency stairwell
the knowing glance my way as you try the door and see it's not locked
beckoning me with your eyes as you pass through the door
sneaking into the bright but empty stairwell
listening for voices that are distant and not approaching
and then
we drop everything we're holding
it starts
devouring kisses
starving bodies
hungry for each other's flesh
groping hands
unzipping your jeans
stroking your rising cock as I kiss you
hearing you moan
knowing how much you need me
on my knees in the fluorescent light
your cock in my mouth
your rigid flesh between my lips
sucking hard
more sound escapes your throat
your need is palpable
your hands grab me roughly, pulling me to my feet
turning me
my hands, now, against the painted cinderblocks of the stairwell
tearing my pants down
I can feel your hands and teeth on my bare ass
and without words
with mere sound alone
gutteral and primal
you've asked me
and as I push my ass back towards you
I've answered
and the head of your cock gently pushes against my lips
another question
and a gentle thrust back in your direction is my reply
you penetrate me
it's quick and dirty
holding my hips as you fuck me
at this point it wouldn't matter if someone saw us
this needs to be finished
and you cum
I can feel you cock shudder inside my cunt
I hear your breath hitch
I love to feel you cum, to hear it, to be part of it, to know it was my body that forced your pleasure in this way

but knowing where we are, and that she is only 3 doors down on the 10th floor of this hotel.....

I want more than I'm entitled to and think that you do too......


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