Friday, April 11, 2008

what I want

I would ask you to stand.
Naked in front of me.

I would kneel.
Naked at your feet.

Slowly, slowly, I'd run my hands up your thighs
over your stomach
reaching up towards your chest.

Palms together,
hands clasped.
An offering.

My cheek pressing onto your thigh
inhaling your scent.
My warm breath.
Slowly my tongue caresses you
lapping, gentle strokes on your balls
figure eights with my tongue....just the way you like it.
Tasting you.
Hot and wet.

Now I run my tongue along the underside of your rigid shaft
exploring the texture of your pulsing cock.

My body poised in a state of worship.
That's how I always like to start:
submission and worship.

And as I run my tongue along the underside of your cock, I look up.....look to your face
let you look deep into my eyes to see how much I want this.
And provided you release my hands.....
I would slowly slide them back down your skin
place my hands on your hips.

Tasting you with my tongue.....licking around the base your cock.

Breathing the scent of you
And then I would take your cock in one hand....holding you gently
and slowly slide my mouth over you.
Down and down and down
until I can feel the head of your cock at the base of my throat....
just to hear you gasp with the unexpected pleasure of being taken
and deep.
Holding your cock, firmly at the base, I'll slowly pull back
with firm pressure
holding your skin taut
so that you feel this enormous strain on you
back and forth
deep into the throat
slowly pulling back
letting go with my mouth so that saliva drapes from my lips to your head
using my hand to stroke
wet and firm
not hard
just firm

concentrating on the head
as my fist closes around the tip
licking gently with my tongue
to keep you wet
'oh you bitch'
I hear you whisper under your breath

Then my hand releases you.
I reach around with both and grab your ass.
Allowing you to fuck my mouth.

Wrap your hands in my hair
and just fuck.
You take your thumb
hook it into the corner of my mouth
to open it
as you fuck it
one hand on the back of my head
the other opening my mouth for your pleasure
gagging me slightly with the force of your thrust
making me salivate on your cock
so wet
you pull out
you stroke
I catch my breath

Lovely isn't it?
A woman
on her knees
for your pleasure.......


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