Friday, April 25, 2008

Art and Foreplay

I wrote this, last summer, after a trip to the nude beach.....and a further memorable excursion into the bush.....

"Would it look good if I was on my knees and reach up?"

"I don't know, try it."

She kneels and reaches up to embrace the arch of a sapling, bent and splintered.

"That looks good," he says "but try this." His creative eye sees for him as he has her rise and positions her behind the broken arch.

"Slide your hand in here" he says as he weaves her fingers between the broken pieces, like strange material for a hand woven basket.

"Now wait, don't move!" And he rushes to his backpack. He rummages, finding his lengths of rope. Then he strips off his shorts until he is naked; beautiful and perfect among the trees and lush, green foliage.

He approaches her without seeing her. He sees the end result and the means to that end. As he binds her hands, she remarks at how much she feels like he is grafting her to the tree.

Once he is satisfied with the delicate intricacy of his knot work, he steps back and looks at her. Pleased, he grabs the camera and begins to shoot.

She feels the attention is like a sensual luxury. To be observed, directed and recorded. She feels beautiful; mostly because of his gaze. His penetrating, consuming gaze. His eyes devour her.

Then he comes to her. Kisses her intently. Roughly. Her heat rises. This is delicious, erotic foreplay for them both.

More pictures.

He pulls down her top, exposing the tops of her breasts to the nipples. "I want more of a tease" is his comment as he adjusts the fabric.

The tension becomes more palpable. Very soon they will snap like the tender trunk of this tree he has her attached to.

More pictures.

And then, abruptly, the camera is down.

A sly expression transforms his face.

"What can I do to you when you're all tied to a tree?"

She grins, "What would you like to do?"

He's quick and catlike. He unbuttons her pants and swiftly pulls them down over her hips. He helps her step out of both her pants and shoes.

Her tank top comes down, around her waist. Exposing her breasts.

A swift and firm slap strikes each breast.

She inhales quickly. Surprise. Pleasure.

It has begun.

Her nipples become erect as she reacts to the sting of the slap.

"Did you like that?" he asks. "Are you a bad girl?"

She finds herself nodding without even realizing it.

She begins to lose awareness of her surroundings as she focuses her undivided attention on her lover.

He is impatient now. The photography aroused him more that he intended.

"Stick out your ass" he demands.

With her wrists grafted firmly to the tree, bound with soft white rope, she stretches her muscles as she tests how far she can move back.

He moans. He loves the sight of her round bare ass as she thrusts back to him.

Tense, raw, sexual energy rises in him. The animal lust overtakes his senses.

He grabs her, spreads her cheeks. He leans forward and spits on her to lubricate his entry. Then he plunges and thrusts his rigid cock into her ass, as they both moan from the sheer shock of pleasure and intensity of the sensation.


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