Sunday, September 24, 2006

she remains.....hungry

subtle ache in my delicate folds of flesh
I feel you with every step I take today
I feel you every time I sit down
imperceptible though it may be
you have, once again, left your indelible mark on me

our every encounter feeds my lust
you cannot satisfy me
for as you try
my hunger for you grows

try......I'll only want you more

Friday, September 22, 2006

a question for you....

If I found another couple

an attractive, energetic and equally kinky couple

the kind of couple that generates erotic energy to match our own?

If we met and went out for drinks

and we liked each other enough to want more.....

Would you whisper to me that you wanted to play?

Would you touch me in a way that made my skin shiver?

Would you look at me and with that look, I would have your permission to invite them to play with us?

Would we go to a hotel where it was quiet?

Would you allow them to watch as you undressed me?

Would you watch as he undressed his wife?

Would you two men exchange a knowing look

and choose to blindfold and lightly bind the girls together on the bed?

Would the two of you play together just enough to get good and horny

while all the girls could do was strain against their bonds and listen?

Would you insert a vibrating egg into each one of us so that you boys could tease us

while you make enough noise to fuel our imaginations?

Would you touch him?

Would you want me to see or just to imagine?

Would you choose one of us to untie, one of us to use, while the other one was forced to listen, bound and blindfolded, and patiently wait her turn?

Would you boys play with us with toys, cocks, fingers and tongues?

Would you spank and play and tease?

Would you make me beg you to fuck me?

Would you make me beg him to fuck me?

Would you do that for me baby? Would you do that to me?

Would you consider this scenario if I found the right couple to play with?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

for my love

If I were to smile at you
every day
for a thousand days
it would not be enough

If I were to kiss you
every day
for a thousand days
it would not be enough

If I were to tell you
every day
for a thousand days
it would not be enough

To let you know how much you mean to me
how deeply I am bound to you
how much I love you

It would not be enough

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

an observation

There is something highly erotic
something raw
something purely sexual
in seeing a man stroke his cock

I like to watch
I want to see that
the rough hands against delicate skin

The pattern of your stroke is so different
than that of a woman stroking a man

To see what gets you off
to watch how gently or roughly you handle yourself

Do you have any idea how much that turns me on

Monday, September 18, 2006

Indian Summer

Secretly, I hope that someone saw us together

Me, in the sunshine
my hair trailing down my back
blazing red in the light

Half naked
my bare ass pressing into the bark of the fallen log

You, naked and confident as always
comfortable in your skin
your face buried between my legs
devouring my flesh

My hands caress your hair
I lean back
My eyes are closed
gasps and moans escape my lips

I want you to fuck me
right here
out in the open
in the warm September sunshine

Then I am on my knees
on the fallen log
scraping my skin

Your hands are on my hips
pulling me to you as you thrust into me

I'm lost
I forget where I am
I lose all sense of space and time

I live within the sensation of you
of lust

As much as this is a private moment
I secretly hope someone is watching
seeing you move with me
move within me

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Did you know that you've left a mark.....

I have a bruise....
under my right nipple.....
it's the size of a thumb print.....
If you reached out and touched me there, right now.....I know your thumb would match the print.
I remember exactly when you touched me and left your mark.
I remember what you were doing....
I remember how you reached for my breast....
I remember the intensity of the moment.
And now.....when I look....
When I see it in the mirror....your mark.....
the sight of it makes me wet.