Thursday, October 18, 2007

nasty wonderful sex

It's obviously fall. The air is cool, crisp.

We go for a walk in the woods.

The sun is out, but it isn't warm.

We lay a blanket out in a stand of birch trees, marveling at the rich colors of the leaves and the smells of the woods.

I take off my shoes. Barefoot. He laughs.

He lays down, clothed, and stretches out. I admire his form.

I sit beside him and gently stroke his cock through his jeans.

I love to feel a man get hard under my hand.

Running my fingers along his shaft, wrapped in denim. Reaching inside and teasing the head through the thin fabric of his pocket.

He unbuckles his pants, releasing his cock. With a familiar grin he asks me 'Now what are you going to do with it? Now that you've got me all hard?'

I bend down and cover his rigid cock with my mouth.

Hot and wet....

Strong but firm tugging with my mouth.....

As I go up and down his pulsing shaft, the fall air bites where his cock is exposed, wet from my mouth...

Slowly, up and down....

Covering his cock, hot and wet.....

Wrapping my lips around the head, pulling with my mouth......

Harder, more insistent....

Plunging my mouth down the shaft, until my tongue can lick his balls....

His entire cock fills my mouth and throat....

He moans.....'fuck yes baby, fuuuuuuck'

And secretly I'm pleased with myself knowing that I'm taking him to this place; this level of pleasure...

Never one to be teased for long.....never one to be patient.....

He groans....'I need your ass. I need to fuck you.'

Quickly he moves. He's up, kneeling behind me. His pants fall to his knees. He yanks my pants down.

I move into position on my hands and knees.

Eager, wet....

He forces my head to the blanket. 'Down!' he says to me.

My skin feels the slight sting of the cold air.

His hands grab my cheeks, spreading them and his tongue penetrates me as as he softly groans his pleasure.

Tonguing my ass. I moan softly. I need to be fucked.

......but I wait because it's not for me to decide when.....

As always, he is in charge.

And then he tells me 'I need to fuck you.'

And I breathlessly reply, 'Yes, please. Please.'

He spits on my ass and quickly thrusts his cock into me.

Penetrating me roughly.

I gasp. Pleasure and surprise at the immediate sensation.

Consumed with lust. Primal.

I need to be ridden, hard.....

Firmly, he grabs my hips as he fucks me.

Pounding his cock into my ass.

Thrusting hard, merciless...

I cry out...

and thrust back with equal force.

'That's right' he says 'fuck yourself, fuck yourself on my cock'

And I do.......over and over.

Thrusting back. Impaling myself onto him.....

He holds my hips and pulls my ass onto his cock.

Pounding, harder......

We're both moaning.

Our bodies are hot from fucking and we no longer feel the autumn air.....

And then he then he tells me....

'Baby, I need to cum'

'Yes, please. Please cum'

'Cum in your ass?' his voice is urgent.....

'Yes, please. Cum baby. Cum in my ass.'

And I stop thrusting back. I allow him to fuck me. To control his movements. To force his orgasm.

And he cries out, as he cums....filling my and wet.....

'ah fuck ah yes ah fuck bitch! ah fuck god yes'

I stay still.....allowing his him pleasure.....

Feeling the tension leaving him.......

and his breathing.....still heavy....he begins to he caresses my ass, while his cock remains inside.....


on my hands and knees
at your request
I wait

I ache to be fisted
to feel the hard ball of your hand deep inside my cunt
thrusting and grinding

thinking of it makes me wet
I can feel my clit quiver
the anguish of my desire consumes me

I want your hands on me
in me
penetrating fingers



feeling like my skin may split
but continuing to lunge back against your hand
fucking myself on your fist

reaching between my legs
fingering my tender clit

until I feel like I could cum

I ask you
for your permission
and wait

you acknowledge my need
and I release it
furious tightening
all my energies concentrated in the convulsing of my cunt

squeezing your hand
crushing your bones
crying out in the delicious agony of release