Monday, December 25, 2006

and I wonder why Santa didn't leave me a present....

I'm like someone lost
in anguish
wandering the desert
desperation for water has created a delirium

I am frantic,
wild for a fuck

the desire is maddening

self satisfaction is futile
why bother?
it creates a greater need unable to be filled...yet

you say you want to throw a fuck into someone

god, how I want that

throw one here

I want to meet you somewhere
anywhere, it doesn't matter
I can come to your door or you to mine
I want you to force me
bend me to your will as we both know you can
your hands grabbing my hair, forcing my head back
assault my mouth with your tongue
tear my clothes from my body
cut them off
throw me down to the floor
render me helpless by impaling me with your cock
be savage
rape me
I'll fight you while I submit to your violence
force my head down
growl your obscenities
I am yours
pierce me with your black ferocity
I want to feel you in the core of my being
I'd sell my soul for a fuck like that

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I hear your voice
I imagine your face

I am awake with an aching need to fuck
I am alive with a primal urge deep in my cunt
I am unable to satisfy myself
I am unwilling to even try

my appetite is too strong to be sated by my hand

ravage me
force me
sodomize me
seize me


no words, no images are even remotely adequate to describe my exigence

I submit to you
the beast
the animal in you
use me

I welcome your greed, your fury

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a night of debauchery

God I need sex.
I need it like food.

I'm starving.

You take me.
Lay me down.
Rip off my panties.

I inhale sharply as you attack my clit with your tongue.
I want to cum


You are insatiable as you devour me.
Merciless and smiling.
You like to see me squirm and writhe.

You pin my legs down, pin my feet under your chest.
Sensations increase.
I can feel it all building up.
Reaching the crest of this wicked ride.
Awaiting the free fall......


I turn.
I get on my knees.

I want to be penetrated.
I want it rough.

You stab me with your fist.
My cheek rests on the bed.
I thrust myself back
onto your hand.
Filling my aching cavity.

I rub my clit.

I shake my ass in your direction.
You moan.

You stroke your cock.
I hear you.

I can hardly breathe.

And you paint my skin with heat
as you cum all over my cheeks.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Half Nekkid Thursday

Celebrating another Half Nekkid Thursday with my new FUCK ME boots :D

When do I get to see you? ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

if sex is art...

do you realize how you've shaken my world?

do you know how your influence causes me to re-evaluate my way of thinking?

case in point

sex is art?

is it?

if sex is art, is my skin your canvas?

do you paint me with your tongue and fingertips?

rich designs with depth and texture

floating on the surface of my skin

if sex is art, is my body your sculpture?

do you mold me and shape me into the proportions

that fit your desire or your whim?

as you knead and press and manipulate

intentionally leaving rich spots of color behind

to mark your presence

if sex is art, is my voice your song?

do you write poetic lyrics as your tongue

traces over my clit?

until my body writhes to the rhythm you've created

and my voice explodes in a melody composed of pleasure uncontained

if sex is art, am I your masterpiece or merely one of many works in progress?

Once again.....

you show me how to see through your eyes.....

Monday, December 04, 2006

and now, the truth

I want more than I'm entitled to.

I know.

I am a greedy, selfish little person.

I hate that, but it's true.

I want unlimited pleasure and decadence.

I want it when I want it.

and I don't want to wait.

I don't want to be told "no."

I don't want to work around anyone else.

I want my selfish desires....all of be met at my request.

To be met simply because it is what I want.

However, this is more than I'm entitled to.

I am painfully aware of this.

I don't have the right to demand anything really.

I can politely request............

and then wait

with patience

and hope.

I know I should feel fortunate for what I do have.

for what I do receive.

Grateful really.

And yet....the more I have....well....the more I want.

Again, purely selfish, I know.

But this is the honest, raw part of my emotions....

....however unpretty.

coming from the part that fuels my passions

the part that drives me....

I want to rationalize these emotions away.....

be a bigger person

I want to tell myself to rise above the purely animal instincts that threaten to rule me.

But if I do.....what am I left with?

A shell? A hollow empty unfulfilled passionless woman......

The woman I used to be.

I think I'll have to settle.

Settle for longing

for lust

Settle for being that animal

because I don't want to go back


in a daze

a trance

into the void I so recently freed myself from.

And so.....I will do as you suggest.....


"Be a good animal, true to your animal instincts."