Saturday, March 31, 2007


Friday, March 30, 2007

Worshipping your body

I see you and my imagination is running a little

I suddenly realize why he is attracted to you

Just think of how much fun we could have.....first the the two of us and then the three of us

He standing behind you......stroking your ass, kissing your neck. The heat of his body presses against your flesh. Your eyes are closed, you just breathe.

I am in front of you......on my knees.....

If I reach around your hips, I can touch him as my lips caress your skin. Sensations of warm lips against warm flesh. Soft and gentle. I run my tongue along the insides of your thighs.....slowly.... My tongue is hot and wet, it traces lines along your skin.

He kneels and as his hands grip your ass. As they part your cheeks....his tongue begins to probe your tight little hole..... He reaches around you, to me.... We touch, connect. Together in this. And slowly inhale the scent of your pussy.

Long lapping strokes

You taste sweet....

I want to rush but force myself to slow down. I can hear him moaning softly as he devours your ass. I feel your legs shake. My hands caress your stomach....your my tongue seeks your clit......

hard little strokes
flicks of the tongue

I can feel the heat radiating from your cunt

You are being consumed.........devoured

two mouths....two tongues....

eagerly probing you....

tasting you.....

you feel like you can't stand

He and I stop....and lead you towards the bed. We lay you down.....

He and I kiss.....we taste each other
We taste you on our lips.....and slowly we both move towards your naked, quivering form.

Suddenly, four hands running over your skin. Caressing you, fondling you. We stroke you and we seem to move as one body intent on worshiping yours.

He spreads your thighs, his hands hold you firmly--hold you in place. My fingers open your pussy, spread your lips and we both converge on you. We both lap at your dripping cunt. Tasting you.

He wants to watch me and so he lays his head on your thigh, close enough to smell you, close enough to feel the heat radiating from you...wet and eager.

I lick your wet lips. Soft and hot. Hard strokes with my tongue. I probe your cunt with two of my fingers. Fucking I lick your clit.
I want to make you cum--hard.

I want him to see it.

I want you to feel it

I want to know the power a man feels when he pushes a woman over the edge

My tongue flicks at your clit
my fingers thrust
I can feel you writhe
I am relentless as I work your clit

He is mesmerized........

two engrossed in one another

to the exclusion of all else

Friday, March 23, 2007


I want to be fucked

I knock on your door

You're waiting

you let me in...innocently enough

but the second the door is closed.....

you turn me
rip my coat off
grab my hair and force me, face down on the stairs

you bark at me
don't move
and you cut my jeans off of me

I gasp
I feel that twinge of fear

I can feel your intensity
passion rage lust insane intensity

it always frightens me just a bit
and I think that's what you want inspire that uncertainty

you growl
don't move

you cut off my panties

you devour my flesh

I cry out

you're so rough

hands grabbing
mouth tearing
tongue penetrating

so desperate to ravage

pain turns to pleasure

I moan

I thrust back in your direction


Thursday, March 22, 2007

From one classy guy......

Oh baby! Your eloquence astonishes me. Your ability to turn a phrase and touch my heart. Ahhhh....I adore you J. (yes, I am sarcasming you :P )

Oh precious ass, so supple yet
My tongue it does adore;
You may be someone else’s wife,
But weekends you’re my whore

So round the mound I cherish here
Now my cock it does deflower
You spread your cheeks and then you squeak
And know you’re in my power.