Wednesday, November 28, 2007


lay back

let me do this

just watch, for now

watch my hair cascade down and cover my breasts

watch me close my eyes with the sheer pleasure of my task

watch my hands caress your chest

and then you can close your eyes and feel....

feel my warm thighs press against your hips
feel my hands grip your cock, guiding it
feel me rock, gently.....

allow me to penetrate myself, with your cock

slowly, undulating
your shaft...the pivotal point

working it with my wet, hot cunt

rocking, back and forth....
on my knees
hips shifting, gently thrusting forward....back and forth
repeating this motion

increasing speed and depth

grab my hips
help me
regulate the rhythm to your pleasure

use me

encourage me with words
yes baby
fuck yourself
fuck yourself on my cock

but please
just let me ride

Monday, November 26, 2007

raw and dirty and NOT for the faint of heart

I am a cat in heat
tail twitching
miserable with this ache

in your mind you can see me
lying down, exposing my ass
swishing my legs
staring at you

I can feel it
deep in my cunt
a pounding, suffering greed
requiring a fuck
it needs to be you

can you feel it?
when you talk to me on the phone?
when you read this?
then you'll feel it too
in the pulse of your swelling cock
you'll feel it

raw and primal lust

this itch I have
having been deprived of your cock
is my weakness
it permeates my thoughts right now
your rough hands
your swift movements
growling with lust
there is never any question about what you want
about how you want it

You mold me into positions of wickedness and satisfaction

I love how intense you are when you fuck me
how intense we are when we fuck

fuck me until I cry
and then fuck me harder

at this moment
in my mind
my flesh
I simply cannot get enough of you....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

mount, vibrate, cum, repeat

I need to cum

Not that this is any great shock, it's a permanent state of affairs for me...isn't it?

But last night was see you and touch you.....wanting your cock in my cunt, my ass, my mouth.....needing desperately to feel the searing heat of you penetrating me roughly.....willing submission to all of your ravaging energy....

I take that ridiculously large cock you gave me....wet the base....stick it to the top edge of my bathtub. Spit on it....right on the head.....thinking of you and how much you like when I do that to your you like it when I'm dirty and raw like that.....

With one foot on the floor and one in the bathtub, I mount this gigantic toy.....fucking myself on it....gently at first....a smooth, deep fuck....

Using an escalating vibe, I attack my clit with the bullet....

It's quick. I can feel it building....rising....deep and hard in my cunt....

Without much preparation, I surprises me how quickly....

It's all I can do to quickly remove myself from that huge implement of sexual torture.....

Breathing hard....muscles in my legs twitching....cunt still clenching and releasing.....I wonder....if perhaps.....I could cum again....

I slide onto the, wet and slippery.....and I feel it again....a few quick thrusts....hard and intentional, merciless pulse from the bullet.....and my cunt is writhing again....

the muscles in my legs convulse, my clit twitches.....I'm breathing heavily....I stand and lean again the cool wall of the shower......

damn, I wanted to be fucked last have your hands on was have you bend me over the bed....caressing my ass with fingers and tongue....and then leaving me.....wet....eager...

there is so much tension.....

so again, I ride this cock.....thinking of you.....

ride it hard.....but it's over very quickly....and again I cum.....

each time it's faster and I cum harder

damn you

do you know what you do to me?

do you?

I have to quit after 5 consecutive orgasms.....the muscles in my thighs can't take it....

I'm short of breath.....and very, very wet....

I shower and can barely stand.....wishing you were in the cascading water with that I could let my knees your rough hands grab me.....and I slowly slide down your worship your cock with my mouth......