Thursday, January 10, 2008

a wicked tidbit discovered.....written last April

Knowing glances
Writhing, sensuous bodies
rubbing against one another
making each other purrr with delight

Soft, lapping strokes
Nibbles and bites
Hard and insistent

Hold me down
Caress me
Use me for your pleasure
because you know your pleasure is mine as well

Take me
Make me twist and turn
under your fingers and tongue

the excruciating agony of release

the soft melody of orgasm
exclusive to a woman's throat

and while I regain my senses
my composure
know that I am eagerly anticipating
all of the things I will do

to you

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i am beach; You are Ocean

I have hastily drawn my lines in the sand,
the ones I will not cross;
they have quickly been eroded by the crashing waves
....completely unnoticed by me, as I kneel blindfolded at your feet....

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I'm nervous as I unlock my front door. I know you're here. I'm always nervous when I know you're already in my house, waiting. I don't ever know what to expect from you when you've been waiting for me.

As I enter into my foyer, I see the beautiful leather collar and my leash are neatly coiled on the seat.

I's going to be this way is it? My stomach turns over.

You scare me, just a little, when I don't know what's going to happen. And it's been so long, I know we're going to play......hard. We both need to.

I'm torn. Between obediance and defiance. I long to do what you've instructed, but I need to see you first. To see your face before I commit to this submission. I guess defiance it is.....

I walk down towards my bedroom to find you on my bed, reading from the book of erotic stories you gave me. You're pleased to see me, that's I climb on top of you and rub my cunt over your cock while I kiss you. Such as shame we're both clad in denim....dampening the sensation.....I'll have to thrust harder.

You smile as I ride you. I reach up and unclip my hair. Shaking it out so that it's long and full. 'That's better,' you tell me.

You watch me and touch me and kiss me and I can feel the blood rise in my cheeks......god I want you.

'You didn't put on the collar' you say. You seem torn. Torn between wanting me pressed against you, close, so you can wrap your hands in my hair while you kiss me. Or having me upright, so you can touch my breasts under my shirt, pinch my nipples, watching me ride you. It's been a long time and I think that we both want it all, all at once.

More kisses, caresses, you thrust your hips up while I tease your cock with my own hips. The tension is palpable. The desire to fuck and be fucked is like a third party in the bed with us.

You take off my shirt. I'm down to jeans and the fishnet bodysuit you instructed me to wear for you. You tear tiny holes over my nipples to make them easier to bite and pinch.

'Be a good girl and go put on the collar.'

But before I can, you've thrown me down on the bed, ripping off my jeans.

Your hands are on me. Rough. Grabbing. Stroking. Spanking. It's overwhelming.

And then you have me up, on my feet and you are marching me down the hall. Your hand is in my hair, pulling upwards, hard, so that I'm on my toes and stay on them. Quick marched towards the kitchen.

You release me and I wait. Shiverly slightly. I hold up my hair as you fasten the collar around my neck. Snug, but not too tight. You offer the blindfold. It's not a question. You mean for me to put it on myself. Another symbol of my submission to you.

And it begins.

'Can you see?' And I can sense you moving your arm near me. Not see it, but feel the air shift as you move. I don't have a fucking clue what next. No idea if the next touch will be a caress or a stinging slap on the ass. But when you blindfold me, you heighten my other senses and I swear I can feel my nerve endings crackling just under the surface.

My skin tingles whenever you lean close to my ear. Your warm breath on my neck. You have a very specific tone you use when you are my Dom, and it makes me ache to my very core. Your voice is always controlled and low. There is never any question that you expect my complete obedience. And I want to please you. Believe me, I want to do whatever it is you ask me, and more.....

''re my whore.'

'Say it!'

'Today you're my whore.'

'Yes, Sir. Today, I am. Today I am your whore.'