Saturday, October 04, 2008

broken and aching, trying to gather my thoughts

it may not have gone as deep as you planned
but never doubt you took me there
through the blinding darkness
restricted and bound
unable to fully grasp my surroundings
encompassed by sensation
and the knowledge of your presence
....a constant

you broke me
as I requested
and mind
....more than once

and laying curled up in the dark
tender and aching
muscles reliving the memory
of rope
the sting of your hand
of being opened
by you
and opening to you
that part was my gift
....showing you more, this time

I know that when you lead me to that place
you allow me a freedom
that I cannot achieve in the real world
one that I cannot achieve alone

I am grateful for that
for you
for what we share when we're together

and it gives me some small measure of satisfaction
that through our experiences
in different ways
....I can break you too